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If you are a professional dancer and looking to be hired as a guest artist for short-term or long-term guesting, may be able to help you find freelance work. By hosting profile on you are getting a chance to be seen and selected by companies interested in hiring freelance dancers. Add your profile and start receiving offers from employers as soon as today.

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If you seeking to hire a guest dancer for ballet company, private dance studio, ballet school performance, college dance program or for other dance events we may be able to help. Browse the listing of male and female guest artists (Ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, character, ballroom, musical theatre) who are interested in guesting work. Contact artists individually or post job openings on bulletin board for FREE.

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This site worked amazingly well, the job was filled in less than 1 week!  Thanks so much!!! Nicole
What a great service you provide for dancers and companies. We have hired a cavalier for our Nutcracker and look forward to using your service again in the future. Jane
Wanted to thank you for your service over the years. Chris

From founder of

I've been dancing professionally for 17 years for various ballet companies, before an idea of was born. Love of dancing always kept me satisfied as an artist while I had the chance to perform all over the world. However, I was not always as satisfied financially. It's not a secret, that for most of dancers, guesting jobs are the best way to help with finances and to satisfy guest artist's ambition for dancing leading roles in classical performances. Some professional dancers, after working for several years in the company, even choose to work as free-lance artists on a full time basis. I hope this website will help both: guest artists and employers to create a connection.